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Panel Installation


Determine which flashings need to be installed prior to roof panels (eave flashings).

  1. Align the female edge of the first panel with the chalk line along the gable end. Allow the roof panel to overhang fascia minimum 1". The panel must be 1½" down from the ridge.

  2. After the roof panel is properly aligned, screw down the roof panel on the female side; fasten down the panel at the nailing flange. Now install the gable flashings.

  3. Snap the second panel at the seam. Work the seam together from the eave to the ridge. Do not work the seam from the middle to each end.

  4. Fasten down the panel by screwing the flange through the slots. If the slots are not located on the strapping, screw through the flange using the slots as a guide.

  5. Apply panels as shown.

  6. Attach large closures at the top of the panel.

  7. Fasten Z bar over the closures at the top of the panel.
Proper Handling

Handling of individual panels should be done carefully and properly to avoid bending or damage. Panels should be carried by grasping the siphon edge of the panel, so that the panel is vertical to the ground. The panel should NOT be carried with the panel horizontal to the ground as this could cause the panel to buckle or bend in the center of the panel.

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